Producer: Donald Rosenfeld, Writer: Elisabeth Bentley, featuring David Suchet as Edward

Based on the memoir DINNER WITH EDWARD by Isabel Vincent

When Isabel Vincent, investigative journalist at the New York Post, finds her marriage unraveling, a dinner with the elderly father of an old friend that starts as a favor ends as a blessing and inaugurates a series of shared meals that reawaken Isabel’s love of life. A tale told through food, friendship and the magic of the unexpected. IN PRE-PRODUCTION

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Producers: Elisabeth Bentley, Tim Disney, Nina Menkes

A feature length documentary, BRAINWASHED analyzes film clips from A-list directors from 1940 through the present to show how the visual grammar of cinema contributes to conditions that create discriminatory hiring practice, pay inequity and the pervasive environment of sexual harassment and assault that characterize the film industry and our culture at large. IN PRODUCTION

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Producers: Elisabeth Bentley, Nina Menkes, Writer/Director: Nina Menkes, featuring Nina Hoss

A thriller about estranged sisters set in LA and Cairo, HEATSTROKE is an Escher-like exploration of psychological conflict unfolding against an explosive political background. Director Menkes has been called ‘brilliant, one of the most provocative artist in film today’ by the LA Times and a ‘cinematic sorceress of the self’ by the NY Times.

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Writer/Producer: Elisabeth Bentley

Two misfit middle schoolers in Concord, Massachusetts form an unlikely friendship. Mason’s on the spectrum and Vita is brown in a sea of white. When the strictures of the good life become too much for them, the two plot their escape. 30 minute single camera, 10 episode season. 

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